The National Deaf Life Museum at Gallaudet University promotes and interprets the rich and complex deaf experience through exhibits and programming on campus and online.

ID: Tilted blue bkg with old photo of people dancing in 1950s with buff as an outer bkg. Text reads: "We are onto something bigger than the museum space. . . a new name. (National Deaf Life Museum logo here). Join us for celebration to re-dedicate the Museum in Chapel Hall. Saturday October 26, 2019. 9am to 9:30am. Contact museum@gallaudet.edu for questions or access requests by October 18.

Join us at nine o'clock in the morning on Homecoming Day for the unveiling of our new name plus see what our Museum manager, Meredith Peruzzi, has to say about our future. Click here for access requests by October 18, 2019.

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