Documentary Film "A Life Without Words" Available Free Until April 20, 2020



  Information courtesy of the Drs. John S. and Betty J. Schuchman Deaf Documentary Center.  
  Students in Gallaudet's "Story In Film: History of the Documentary" course are adjusting to outside-the-classroom learning by watching films online and joining Zoom discussions.  Thanks to the generosity of director Adam Isenberg, they will be watching    via an open-access link, and you can watch it too.  The documentary shows the story of Deaf youth in a remote region of Nicaragua as they learn Nicaraguan Sign Language and gain the ability to communicate.       Watch   is available free until April 20, 2020.  
  You will need a free  Vimeo account to view it - and the link automatically inserts a promo code, making the film free to watch.   A poster of "A Life Without Words" showing the title of the documentary and credits. A photo of a woman of color wearing white shirt and grey skirt standing in the midst of a green forest.