Dr. Jack R. Gannon and Mrs. Rosalyn Lee Gannon are the Honorary Chairs of the National Deaf Life Museum.  This is their story:

Photo of Dr. Jack R. Gannon and Mrs. Rosalyn Lee Gannon

Dr. Jack R. Gannon and Ms. Rosalyn Lee Gannon.

Photo courtesy of Christine Gannon, 2013.

     During 1985-1986, when Dr. Gannon was Director of Alumni Relations, he and his wife Rosalyn formed a museum in a room behind the Chapel Hall stage, which remained open for one year. The museum featured artifacts and photographs from the Gallaudet archives. It was during this period that the Gannons created an endowment fund in honor of their parents. The goal of the fund was to provide funds toward the establishment of a museum. The fund has grown over the years.  In 2009, in appreciation of their efforts, the National Deaf Life Museum invited the Gannons to serve as Honorary Chairs. 

     Click here to learn more about the Museum in 1985.

     Dr. Gannon is the author of Deaf Heritage (1981), The Week the World Heard Gallaudet (1989), History Through Deaf Eyes (co-authored, 2007) and World Federation of the Deaf: A History (2011).  He also edited The Gallaudet Almanac (1974). Dr. Gannon was the curator of History Through Deaf Eyes exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute in 2001.

     Mrs. Rosalyn Gannon filled many roles in every effort, ranging from graphic designer to writer.

     Congratulations to Dr. Gannon on being selected as one of the Gallaudet University's 150th Anniversary Visionary Leader. To see the story on this honor, please click here.

Two images of Dr. Jack Gannon with banner of himself behind Chapel Hall.

Dr. Gannon and Mrs. Gannon both reside in Maryland and are currently working on a new book.  Read their testimonial of support to the Gallaudet University Museum.

The books below were authored, co-authored or edited by Dr. Jack Gannon.

Image of The Gallaudet Almanac. Click for more info.   Image of Deaf Heritage Book   Image of DPN Book   Image of History Through Deaf Eyes

Image of cover of World Federation of the Deaf book.