David Myers invites everyone to come to the grand opening of "Deaf Difference + Space Survival Exhibition."


Hello everyone, I'm David Myers from Texas. I'm here for the opening of Deaf Difference + Space Survival exhibition tomorrow. It's an exciting time. The story goes back 50 years ago, a period of time before the astronauts went into space. NASA was very concerned about motion sickness.

They came to Gallaudet in search for individuals whose inner ears that don't function. My group of eleven men all had spinal meningitis that causes high fever resulting deafness, balance problems, and so forth. We cannot get motion sick. NASA was interested in us and did a lot of experiments.

So from 1961 to 1968, we would go from time to time as they called us and spent some time in the studies. We flew to Pensacola, Florida, and sometimes we'd go to other places for a variety of experiments. Here as you can see in the exhibits, different kinds of experiments. I encourage you all to come here and see the exhibition. It's wonderful.