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An old photograph of Deaf children signing "Star Spangled Banner" in front of US Flag. Text reads: History Through Deaf Eyes

The National Deaf Life Museum team is off campus but on the job!  The newest update from the Museum team is a redesigned and expanded version of the “” website.  Contents include the online exhibition, the documentary film, and educational resources.

History Through Deaf Eyes was curated by Dr. Jack R. Gannon, ’59.  The exhibition toured to 12 cities from 2001 - 2006 and was viewed by 417,000 visitors.  Since 2014 it has been in the Sorenson Language and Communication Center at Gallaudet University.   

The exhibition inspired the documentary film Through Deaf Eyes, produced by WETA, Washington D.C. and Florentine Films/Hott Productions in association with Gallaudet University.  Directed by Lawrence Hott and edited by Diane Garey, the film traces 200 years of US Deaf history.  Six Deaf filmmakers contributed to the film and their clips are posted on the new site along with the full film.  

Gallaudet University Press published a companion book, by Douglas C. Baynton, Jack R. Gannon, and Jean Lindquist Bergey. 

Many thanks to WETA Washington, DC, Florentine Films/Hott Productions and Gallaudet University Press for making it possible to show the Through Deaf Eyes documentary.  

Thanks as well to Jean Lindquist Bergey, now Associate Director of the Drs. John S. & Betty J. Schuchman Deaf Documentary Center, who served as the project director for the exhibition and the University liaison for the film, for her contributions to the new website.

Please see the DEAF EYES pages for donor and production team recognition, as well as links to additional resources including a film discussion guide and the History Through Deaf Eyes poster set created by the Clerc Center.  

History Through Deaf Eyes Website

For any questions, please direct to the National Deaf Life Museum at museum@gallaudet.edu