“One hopes that the next generation will prove capable of the expectation which the Foster legacy has bestowed on them. Certainly, the drum must go on beating where he stopped.”           

- Pastor Victor Ajayi, 2009

Carrying the Torch

Andrew and Berta’s son Tim Foster has carried the torch lit by his parents throughout Africa.  Working with the Christian Mission for the Deaf, he continues to ensure deaf children receive education.

Tim Foster with a family with their children.
Tim Foster on mission trip to N’Djamena, Chad, 2012
Courtesy of the Andrew Foster Family Collection

Keeping the Faith

Tim Foster’s passion for his parents’ mission grew from seeing their work as a child.  He uses sign language to preach the gospel on his frequent trips to Africa.

Tim Foster with teenaged pupils.
Tim Foster at the Congo Bible Conference, Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2011
Courtesy of the Andrew Foster Family Collection