Deaf Difference + Space Survival banner with Jerald Jordan floating inside of airplane.

Curatorial Advisors, Image Donors & Interviewees
Barron Gulak
Harry O. Larson
David W. Myers
Donald O. Peterson
John Paul Zakutney

Gallaudet University Archives
Jerald Jordan Collection
Robert Greenmun Collection

Primary Source Footage and Documents
John Glenn Archives, The Ohio State University
James Greenmun
Robert Peterson

Campus Curatorial Team
Margaret Kopp (Lead Curator)
Jean Lindquist Bergey
Brian H. Greenwald, Ph.D.
Meredith Peruzzi

Film Editing:
Shane Dundas
Margaret Kopp

Exhibition Design:
Rani Alameh

Printing and Installation:
McCall Photographics

Special Thanks
Joey Aguilera
Matthew H. Bakke, Ph.D.
Douglas Barker
MJ Bienvenu, Ph.D.
John Bunting
Trevor De Rosch
Robert Dickerson
Paul DiZio, Ph.D.
Carol Erting, Ph.D.
Nayo Lim Franck
Andrew Greenman
Kenneth Henry, Ph.D.
Kaitlin Luna
Elizabeth Marcinjus, Au.D.
Mark and Mara McCall
Zilvinas Paludnevicius
Christopher Spurr
Chizuko Tamaki, Au.D., Ph.D.
Patrick Harris
Stephen Weiner, Ed.D.
Barry White
DeAndre Wilkins

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