Exhibition Team

Norma Morán, Senior Advisor
Jean Lindquist Bergey, Curator
Douglas Slaunwhite, Exhibition Coordinator
Scott Carollo, Exhibition Designer
Amy Stevens, Exhibition Designer
Thadeus Brown, Web Designer
Tabitha Jacques, Living Exhibit Director
Jane Norman, Gallaudet Museum Director

Script Advisers

Stacia Clifton
Daphne Cox
Brian Greenwald
Kristen Harmon
Julie Hochgesang
Tabitha Jacques
Joseph Murray
Allen Neece, III
Jane Norman
Jodie Olson
Frances Parsons
Donna Platt
Drew Robarge
Pauline Spanbauer
Joshua Swiller


President T. Alan Hurwitz and Mrs. Vicki Hurwitz
Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams
Provost Stephen Weiner
Smithsonian Institution - Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Donald Beil
Jack and Rosalyn Gannon
Amy Wilson
Asiah Mason
Leah Maxson
Austin Esposito-Vigil
Jeffrey Murray
Sherri Fleishell
Caitlin Hudson
Paul Blakely
Samuel Sonnenstrahl

Gallaudet Departments

Office of the President
Office of the Provost
Gallaudet Archives
Theater Arts Department
Office of Alumni Relations
Office of Business and Support
Art Department
Communication Studies
Physical Plant Department
Gallaudet Interpreting Services
Office of Campus Activities
Educational Foundations and Research Department
Regional, National and International Outreach
Gallaudet Technology Services
Gallaudet Department of Public Safety

Gallaudet Museum Advisory Group

Honorary Co-Chairs
Jack R. and Rosalyn Lee Gannon, ‘59
Honorary Chair of the Friends of the Gallaudet Museum
Mrs. Vicki Hurwitz
Jean Bergey
Scott Carollo, ’95
Daphne Cox, ’82
Brian Greenwald, ’96, Vice-Chair
Kristen Harmon
Ulf Hedberg
Carolyn McCaskill, ’77, G- ’05
Joseph Murray
Jane Norman, ’62 & ’68, Chair and Director
Edgar Palmer, ’78, G- ’03
Drew Robarge, ’07