September 11, 2019

Author: Shane Dundas

Img des: Jane Norman poses behind a wooden door with a lavender wreath. She is smiling and wears bright red glasses.

ID: Current photo of Jane Norman on the top left - she's smiling and wearing red glasses. Another photo on the bottom right - she signs "Important" during her speech at Deaf HERstory grand opening ceremony - she was wearing red glasses too. Text reads: Please join us in honoring Jane Norman's 80th Birthday. As we observe the birthday of our Director Emerita, we invite the community to join us in celebrating this most auspicious day by making a donation to the Museum in her honor. September 2019. Background color is teal green to match her clothing - there is a large number "80" as a "watermark."

The Museum is honoring our Director and Curator Emerita Jane Norman's birthday!

Dr. Norman is a dedicated supporter of the Museum and is working with us on an exhibition concept related to academic recognition of American Sign Language.

Please make a donation in her honor today.