This is the abstract of Gallaudet at 150 and Beyond exhibition:

The Gallaudet at 150 and Beyond Exhibition will feature the history of Gallaudet University, starting in the mid-19th century with Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and the founding of deaf education in America, and ending with the plans for the future of Gallaudet University.  Featured on glass panels, the photos, paintings, maps, and text will guide visitors through the rich history of Gallaudet, highlighting important people, including the presidents, professors, and students; the development of sports; and the university's relation to the wider world.  

As stated in the Gallaudet University Museum Mission Statement, this exhibit is a result of seeking a way to promote and interpret the rich and complex deaf experience.  With support from the Office of the Provost, the newest exhibition will seek to help others understand where we come from, and where we are going.  Seeking to combine the nationally used English language with the campus used American Sign Language (ASL), this exhibit will also need to be open, allowing deaf individuals to communicate freely across the room, while also incorporating the guided structure needed to view a timeline museum set-up.  Additionally, while the exhibit will be primarily in the English language, the desire exists to incorporate ASL into the exhibit, primarily through archival video footage featuring sign language, as well as possible use of QR codes to allow our visitors to watch archival video footage and ASL-interpretations of the museum text, and a sign-friendly website, incorporating signed interpretation of website news and information.

Gallaudet at 150 and Beyond Exhibition Team

Stephen Weiner, Provost, Ed.D., '78, G-'80

Vicki Hurwitz, Honorary Chair, Friends of the Gallaudet University Museum

Jack Gannon & Rosalyn Gannon, Honorary Chairs, Gallaudet University Museum 

Jane Norman, Ph.D., E-'62, '68, Gallaudet University Museum Director & Curator Emerita

Meredith Peruzzi, '11, Gallaudet University Museum Manager & Exhibition Curator

Brian Suchite, '10, Administrative Assistant

Trevor De Rosch, '13, Assistant to the Curator

Shane Dundas, G-'11, Multimedia & Outreach Coordinator

Justin Shaw, '99, Museum Support Specialist

Derrick Behm, '13, Researcher & Writer

Brittany Turner, '13, Researcher & Writer

Amee Powell, '11, Researcher & Writer

Amber Rush, '11, Research Assistant

Scott Carollo, MFA, '96, Exhibition Concept Design

Brian Greenwald, Ph.D., '96, Contributing Historian 

Content Review

David Armstrong, Ph.D.

Jack, '59, H-'88 & Rosalyn, '59, Gannon

Ulf Hedberg

Daphne Cox, '82

Carolyn McCaskill, Ph.D., '77, G-'79, PhD '05

Jane Norman, Ph.D., E-'62, '68

Shirley Shultz-Myers, Ph.D.

Stephen Weiner, Ed.D., '78, G-'80 

Museum Consultants

Mary Case, Qm2, Museum Consultant

Dean Krimmel, Creative Museum Services, Exhibition Consultant

Charles Mack Design, Design Consultant

Jane Norman, Ph.D., E-'62, '68, Museum & Exhibition Consultant 

Exhibit Design, Fabrication & Installation

Blair, Inc., Springfield, VA