Photo courtesy of Vicki Hurwitz

Four descendants of Gallaudet University founder Amos Kendall are shown at House One on April 26, where they had lunch with First Lady Vicki Hurwitz (left) and University Archives Interim Director Michael Olson (right). They spent much of the day at the Archives, where they donated letters between Kendall and his daughter, Mary Ann Kendall Gold Greene, and visited the nearby Glenwood cemetery in northeast Washington, D.C., where Kendall and his immediate family are buried. Pictured (from second right) are: sisters Cindie Marx, the eldest great great great granddaughter of Kendall, of Lake Ridge, Va.; Mary Rose, third eldest great great great granddaughter, of Hebron, Conn.; Tricia Lowrey Lippert, youngest great great great granddaughter, of East Stroudsburg, Pa., and Marx's daughter, Cecily Marx, Kendall's great great great great granddaughter, of Reston, Va. A fourth sister, from Tennessee, was unable to attend.

Photo by Cecily MarxLippert and Olson discuss the Kendall papers her family donated to the Archives.