Sixth President’s Interfaith Community Service Campus Challenge to be held at Gallaudet University

August 11, 2016

Gallaudet will host the 6th Gathering of the President's Interfaith Community Service Campus Challenge this Sept. 22-23.  This is a dynamic and exciting conference that brings together students, faculty, staff, and administration from universities all over the US and around the world to discuss how people of different religions and those who choose to have no religion can understand and respect one another as we live together.

Speakers and workshops at this event will challenge and inspire participants to learn more about interfaith and non-religious understanding and cooperation. Sponsored and organized by the US Department of Education, this event will be an exciting time for Gallaudet to host people from other universities and learn together!

How can I get involved?  

1.  If you're a student, sign up for GSR 300.10 Beyond Tolerance: Interfaith and Non-Religious Engagement.  This class will be closely involved with our hosting of this event and offer you a semester long immersion in how interfaith and non-religous understanding and cooperation can change our campus community and the world into a better place.  

2. If you'd like to attend the full conference, we still have room for a few more in our group for this gathering!  Registration is limited so let Dr. Kirk VanGilder know soon!  

3. If you don't have time for the full conference, but want to volunteer to welcome people to campus, help direct people to places they may be looking for, and otherwise be available to show how friendly we are here at Gallaudet, you're welcome to do that too!  We'll have a clipboard with frequently asked questions, pictures, and maps for each of us to help non-signing people communicate with us smoothly. 

Again, if you'd like to volunteer, contact Dr. Kirk VanGilder soon!  Email

For more information on this year's challenge, click here