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Vote for the official name for Kendall Division II Memorial

March 26, 2021


We are now one step closer to choosing the official name for the site that honors Louise B. Miller, her son, and the teachers and students of the Kendall School, Division II. The Board of Trustees have approved the final three choices and we are now turning back to YOU for your final vote!

All of them include the name, Louise B. Miller, and we are excited that the unique place we are creating will cherish her legacy. However, each of the three proposed names have different emphases. The first emphasis is memory, the second is legacy, and the third is Black Deaf Culture.

Please note that regardless of the final name, each element will have a space in what we are building. There will be a space to celebrate the memory of Louise B. Miller and the children. Other spaces will be for hosting events that promote healing and celebrating Black Deaf culture.

Your vote helps determine what values we spotlight for our community, friends and visitors.

The three finalists and their short descriptions:

Louise B. Miller Memorial

The stories of the Black Deaf experience on campus would not have been possible without Louise B. Miller. The Memorial for Louise B. Miller is at the heart of this project, honoring her historic role in the civil rights movement that stems from her addressing educational inequality for Black Deaf children in Washington, DC.

Louise B. Miller Pathways and Gardens: A Legacy to Black Deaf Children

The new pathways and gardens will capture the four important themes– Awareness, Freedom, Remembrance, and Healing– in telling the legacy of Louise B. Miller and the 23 students. It is not just a place to remember, but an interactive space to experience their legacy that continues to grow today. 

Louise B. Miller Black Deaf Cultural Path

Louise B. Miller blazed a path for education justice for Black Deaf students in Washington, DC. The success of her lawsuit and the establishment of Kendall School Division II created a Black Deaf cultural space on campus, and the “path” is a symbolic representation of the ongoing and growing movement of Black Deaf culture to be cherished throughout the campus and the world.

What do you think? Your support and your input is valuable, so vote for your favorite here!

Thank you so much. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family by the April 2 deadline.

Also, if you missed it, the second webinar on the Millers and Kendall School alumni can be viewed here.

26 March 2021


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