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World Deaf Leadership scholarship recipients announced

June 10, 2021


Phieter Angdika, of Jakarta, Indonesia, and Kwadwo Addo, of Mampong-Akuapem, Ghana, have been selected from a field of 425 applicants as the 2021 recipients of Gallaudet-Nippon World Deaf Leadership (WDL) scholarships, and will begin their studies at Gallaudet this fall. The highly competitive selection was made by Gallaudet’s WDL committee, in collaboration with the undergraduate and graduate admissions offices.

The WDL scholarship, funded by the Nippon Foundation of Tokyo, Japan, and administered by Gallaudet’s Office of International Affairs (OIA), makes it possible for deaf and hard of hearing leaders from developing nations to attend Gallaudet University, with the provision that they return home after graduation and work towards improving the lives of deaf people in their home countries through education, advocacy, and partnering with influential leaders and organizations. Since the program was established in 2003, 17 WDL scholarships have been awarded.

Angdika, who is employed by the University of Indonesia’s Indonesian Sign Language Research Center, will enroll in Gallaudet’s Master in Sign Language Education program (MASLED). Addo, an Information and Communication Technology instructor at Mampong Senior High School for the Deaf in Ghana, will enroll in the Master of Public Administration Program (MPA). 

Angdika’s career goals are to teach sign language and interpreting in Indonesia, and to develop curricula for the country’s sign language education and interpreting programs. Addo aspires to be an expert consultant in disability organizations such as the Ghana Federation of the Disability and Ghana National Association of Deaf, and disperse with the commonly held misconception that only hearing people in Ghana can hold important leadership roles in the country.

“Studying at Gallaudet will give me the skills to be a better teacher of sign language and a better deaf interpreter,” said Angdika. “I will also learn how to develop curricula in order to share my knowledge of sign language education, interpreting, and linguistics with the deaf community in Indonesia.” 

“My studies in the MPA program will equip me with techniques and skills in management, and acquire practical and theoretical knowledge, training, and experience which will enable me to master the concept of techniques of management in the world, thus providing excellent services to my fellow countrymen and countrywomen, as well as businesses and organizations, not forgetting the deaf community to which I belong,” said Addo.

The WDL scholarship covers tuition, room, board, and health insurance, and provides an annual stipend for expenses such as books, supplies, laundry service, personal products, and local transportation. Additional support for a WDL Scholar includes mentorship from a member of the Gallaudet University faculty and an internship in the scholar’s home country.

10 June 2021


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