Note takers are responsible for documenting in a concise but complete manner what transpires during class. These notes must then be posted by the note taker in a special Blackboard location. Note takers may be, but are not required to be, enrolled in the same class as the student for whom they are taking notes. Note takers must be able to maintain confidentiality with regard to the identity of the student who is receiving the notes and be able to function in a professional manner when communicating with the student and/or the class professor.

Qualified note takers should be:

  • strong in ASL skills, especially receptive skills,
  • strong in English skills, and
  • highly dependable and well organized.

Training is provided by OSWD.

Qualifications for Being a Note Taker

  • Gallaudet student (either undergraduate or graduate; full or part-time)
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 (exceptions can be made if special circumstances exist)
  • Strong receptive ASL skills
  • Strong written English skills
  • Dependable and conscientious
  • Able to work independently
  • Able to make at least a semester-long commitment
  • Comfortable working with students with disabilities
  • Able to adhere to policies regarding professionalism and confidentiality

Job Description

  • Note takers choose their course assignments (1 - 5 classes per semester)
  • Note takers can be a student in the class. This, however, is not a requirement and, in fact, often note takers prefer to not be a student in the class as it can be more difficult to take notes for someone else and also participate as a student.
  • Usually note takers use their personal laptop to take notes during class. Exceptions are courses that require drawing and/or the use of symbols (e.g., biology, calculus)
  • Notes must be posted in a timely manner (24 - 48 hours) on OSWD's Blackboard site.
  • Notes should represent a summary of what transpired during the class including the instructor's lecture, student's questions and comments and information regarding activities. Power point presentations should not be simply copied.
  • Note takers communicate via email with their clients (the student who requested the note taker) to ensure that the notes are satisfactory.
  • Note takers must attend every class session unless the client(s) informs him/her that notes are not needed or that the client(s) will be absent. If/when this occurs the note taker must inform the OSWD coordinator. The note-taker is not paid for classes that s/he does not attend.
  • Note takers must commit to working a minimum of one entire semester.

Steps to Becoming an OSWD Note Taker

  1. Send an email with your resume and an example of notes (from any class) to <>.
  2. If your qualifications and skills appear satisfactory, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the job, your skills, and the available positions.
  3. A minimum commitment of one semester is required.
  4. The decision is made.
  5. If hired, you will complete a contract for each assignment and be given the name of your client(s).
  6. If training is needed, it will be provided.
  7. Then you, the note taker, begin taking notes!

Pay per Semester

3 credit course: $ 441/semester
4 credit course: $ 588/semester

Amounts stated above are pro-rated if the note-taker begins after the first week of the semester.