Gallaudet University, federally chartered in 1864, is a bilingual, diverse, multicultural institution of higher education that ensures the intellectual and professional advancement of deaf and hard of hearing individuals through American Sign Language and English. Gallaudet maintains a proud tradition of research and scholarly activity and prepares its graduates for career opportunities in a highly competitive, technological, and rapidly changing world.

Qualified disabled students served by Gallaudet University's Office of Students with Disabilities (OSWD) are provided with disability support services that allow them to participate fully in university life. Supportive services provide access to curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities so that OSWD students may derive the greatest benefit from their educational experiences. The law governing students with disabilities attending college are quite different (see Section 6) from those encountered in grades K-12; OSWD wants to make the transition as smooth as possible for each student.

Gallaudet University, in Washington, D.C., is well known for its education in deaf studies and American Sign Language. Because of Gallaudet's location in the nation's capital, the Washington metropolitan area has one of the largest deaf populations in the United States. Gallaudet University is committed to providing all its students equal access to learning opportunities.

OSWD envisions a University community that recognizes that students with disabilities are just like any other student-each with his or her own contribution to make. All of us in the OSWD office pledge to work with and for the entire Gallaudet University community to achieve our goals and accomplish our mission.

Get to know us! Please stop by to visit, and bring your questions or concerns. We are located in the Student Academic Center, room 1220. If you prefer, you can email OSWD at <>, or call us at 202-250-2059 (VP), or 202-651-5256 (V).