Overview of Services

Services provided by OSWD fall into two general categories: direct services provided by OSWD itself, and indirect services provided in collaboration with and through other units, departments, and agencies on and off campus. Services such as interpreting services, priority registration, audio-logical testing, and psychological and psycho-educational evaluations are classified as indirect services, since they are provided by other units and departments.

Indirect services may also include referrals to service agencies that provide wheelchair repair or rentals, personal attendant care, orientation and mobility assessment and training, specialized transportation, or specialized tutorial services.

Please note that OSWD does not provide services of a personal nature, such as personal care attendants (PCAs), hearing aids, wheelchairs, personal transportation, or anything else that may be considered personal and for use only by the student.

OSWD does not create or change existing policies to accommodate student's disabilities. OSWD does not have the authority to enforce certain existing rules. Rather, OSWD provides an awareness-and-education campaign aimed at affecting policies, but that may not always lead to hoped-for changes in existing policies and standard operating procedures pertaining to disability issues.

Establishing Eligibility for Services

Students who wish to receive OSWD services must submit both the OSWD Intake Form and the OSWD Information Release Form (both found on the OSWD website), along with current documentation of the student's disability and accommodation needs. This information is reviewed to determine eligibility status for OSWD service acceptance.

Auxiliary Aids

Note Takers, readers, scribes, and laboratory and library assistants, are provided for eligible students.

Testing Accommodations

OSWD students have the opportunity to study and take tests in a distraction-reduced environment.

Course Materials in Alternative Formats

Textbooks and class materials are convertible to various formats, including eBooks, Large Print, and Braille.


OSWD establishes eligibility for disability accommodations with

  • Housing
  • Meal Plans
  • Interpreting

Disability Support

Coordinators meet with OSWD students for disability support-service planning, advice, and consultation on many topics related to disabilities and accommodations.

Assistive Equipment and Technology

Some equipment, furniture, or software that is used to increase, maintain, or improve a student's functional capacity can be provided to ensure access to information and environments that would otherwise be challenging to use.