OSWD staff members are committed to providing students equal access to educational achievement at Gallaudet University. Faculty members will be assisted with determinations regarding reasonable and effective accommodations, class adjustments, and teaching strategies for working with OSWD students.

Counseling at OSWD

Students are assigned to a counselor who is trained and experienced in providing accommodations in coordination with faculty and in consideration of specific disabilities. The counselor works with the student on the issues not only of academic accommodations and self advocacy, but also of curricular and extra-curricular activities, as well as the transition from school to work.

Counselor Transfer

Changing OSWD counselors may be permitted on request to the OSWD director. The director reviews the request and determines whether action is merited. If a student's assigned counselor is no longer available, the student will be assigned to another counselor.

Support Staff

The support staff of OSWD assists students in making counselor appointments, accessing testing accommodations, printed materials converted to Large Print or Braille formats, and using assistive technology, such as Zoomtext, Closed Captioned Televisions, and eBooks.