All OSWD students are entitled to priority registration as an accommodation. Students receiving priority registration accommodation will be contacted by the Registrar's Office and provided with a date and time at which to register for their courses. The student must keep his or her assigned registration appointment; otherwise the student will forfeit priority registration for that semester and must register during the regular registration period.

OSWD students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of priority registration so they can:

  • Get the most appropriate classes and class schedule for meeting accommodation requests.
  • Contact faculty members before classes start to discuss accommodation needs and request a course syllabus to can get a head start on readings, assignments, etc.
  • Order taped textbooks and other materials in adapted media in advance to have all the necessary materials prior to the first day of classes.
  • Plan a schedule that allows classes to be arranged to ensure appropriate travel times, particularly if extended test-taking time is used.
  • Get a head start on learning specific class locations and get route training if necessary.