Eligible OSWD students may request special housing or dormitory accommodations. Such accommodations may include:

  • Single room
  • Private bathroom
  • Wheelchair accessible room
  • Ground-floor or lower-level housing for those with mobility and/or visual disabilities
  • Wheelchair accessible bathroom
  • Room with fan in place of lights to indicate visitors or emergencies such as fire alarm or emergency drill
  • Students requesting kitchen access for special meals based on a disability

Procedure for Special Housing Requests

  • The student applies for OSWD services (please refer to intake process and eligibility determination)
  • The student obtains a special housing request form from Residence Life
  • The student submits the completed special housing request form to the OSWD coordinator
  • The coordinator reviews the student's file and determines eligibility for the requested services
  • The coordinator notifies the student that the request has been approved or denied
  • If the student has been approved, s/he retrieves the special housing request form from the coordinator and returns it to Residence Life

Like all accommodations, special-housing requests must be based on the student's documented disability, and be suggested and supported in the medical documentation. This includes detailing how special housing should benefit the student and the expected outcome.

Please note: OSWD cannot be responsible for providing Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) for students. It is the student's responsibility to make all necessary arrangements for hiring and maintaining PCA services, and providing for dormitory housing. Please contact Residence Living regarding policies and procedures for PCAs in the dormitories.

Residence Life will do their best to accommodate students who have requested and are approved for special housing; however, space is limited. There may be a brief waiting period before the request is fulfilled.
Medical, psychological, and/or psycho-educational documentation will be needed to establish the need for residential accommodations. For more information, please contact OSWD.

Meal Waivers and Kitchen Access Requests

Students with disabilities who believe the University meal program is unable to meet their dietary needs can apply for a meal waiver. An application form for meal waivers can be obtained from the office of the Executive Director of Business and Support Services located in College Hall #316. The procedure for obtaining a meal waiver is attached to the application form.

For students who already have a meal plan, however, due to special dietary needs, the student may need access to a kitchen. In cases like this, requests for kitchen access should be made to the Director of Residence Life and Housing for consideration.

Kitchens are located in Carlin Hall; students who have been granted use of a kitchen are not required to reside in Carlin Hall.