OSWD is committed to making recommendations and providing accommodations for any requests made by students with disabilities as they strive to participate in extra-curricular activities. That said, when accommodations at extra-curricular activities require budgetary expenses, the University must put the responsibility for such requests directly with the individual unit, department, organization, or those providing oversight to the organization. Students hold the responsibility to submit requests in a timely fashion (within two weeks before the event) in order to receive necessary accommodations. This may be done by e-mailing OSWD with details of the event, including title, location, date and time.

Generally speaking, when accommodations, such as interpreters, are made from the organization or those providing oversight to the organization, OSWD will direct such requests to Gallaudet Interpreting Services. If building changes are needed, such a request can come for the organization directly to the Registrar's Office. If there is, for instance, a weekly meeting at one of the dormitories, students may make requests through Resident Life.