OSWD provides alternative print services for students and faculty by reformatting printed materials such as textbooks, brochures, journals and magazines, class handouts, memos and letters, etc., to the specifications of the request. Conversion formats include Braille, large-print text, raised line drawings, and eBooks.


This is a system of writing and printing for blind or deaf blind students in which varied arrangements of raised dots representing letters and numerals can be identified by touch. Documents or textbooks are typed and saved as files using Microsoft Word. When needed, the files can be converted to and printed in Braille with the use of Duxbury software. Braille projects are then embossed with a Braille Embosser and bound with plastic bindings.

Textbooks are converted to Braille by chapters. Depending on length and complexity, a typical textbook chapter of 30 pages with illustrations requires approximately three months to convert to a Braille format. Information such as edition, author, title of book, and ISBN are required for OSWD to locate the textbook source material. It is critical that the student inform OSWD about the textbooks and print materials to be used in the student's classes.

Large-Print Text

This is typed material provided in enlarged print according to the type size and font requested. Students may discuss lengthier requests, such as chapters from books, text booklets, or complete books with OSWD's Senior Low-Vision Specialist.


Known as Electronic Data Format, such as used on a Kindle or Nook device, these allow material to be read on a computer or hand-held device.

Requesting Braille, Large-Print, or eBook Materials

To request textbooks in alternate formats, the student must:

  • Submit a request to OSWD.
  • Provide a copy of the class schedule with the request.
  • For eBook requests, read and sign the Terms & Conditions of E-Book Request Form.
  • Purchase a copy of the book and provide a copy of the receipt to OSWD.
  • Allow sufficient time to fulfill the request: two to three business days for large-print and Braille, up to three weeks for eBooks.

OSWD will:

  • Contact publishers as necessary to obtain eBooks or permission to translate books into Braille and Large Print.
  • Contact faculty about the need for the book in the course.
  • Transfer eBooks to USB drives provided by the student, or print material in Braille or Large-Print formats.
  • Notify the student that materials are ready for use.