OSWD provides in-person reading or alternative text for students who have low vision or have print disabilities such as dyslexia. OSWD will secure E-text from the publisher or scan texts not available through the publisher. Assistive technology to access print materials is available for student use at OSWD.

Role of the Reader

Readers are available to provide academic support services to students with disabilities so that course material is fully accessible to them. Duties may include in-person reading, taping, test proctoring, and/or assisting students with required library research. Classroom assistance must be approved by the OSWD Counselor. Reading for personal study is not provided by OSWD.

Requesting Reading Services

To request reading services, students are advised to meet with their OSWD counselor who will either contact Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) regarding the availability of textbooks or hire in-person readers. A minimum of two weeks notification is required to get materials from RFB&D or to have OSWD locate readers for coursework.

Scheduling Readers

OSWD employs readers to provide in-person reading for students who are not able to access RFB&D. Students are asked to provide their OSWD counselor with their course syllabi. Any additional reading assignments such as pre-reading course material, extended reading for incompletes, and thesis preparation must be approved in advance. Be mindful that readers are themselves students and need sufficient notice to accommodate requests.

Communicating with Readers

OSWD students are encouraged to communicate directly with the reader(s) about assignments. OSWD can be used as a drop-off and pick-up point for materials.