Students have the right to:

  • Be certain that all disability-related information is treated confidentially
  • Receive appropriate accommodations in a timely manner from faculty and OSWD
  • Obtain full and equal participation in, and access to, academic courses, programs, services, and activities on campus
  • Appeal decisions regarding accommodations and auxiliary aids

Students have the responsibility to:

  • Meet the essential qualifications and institutional standards of Gallaudet University
  • Disclose their disability to OSWD in a timely manner
  • Provide appropriate medical, psychological, or psycho-educational documentation so that eligibility for OSWD services can be determined
  • Inform OSWD of accommodations needs
  • Inform OSWD immediately of any barriers that arise with a course faculty in securing accommodations
  • Meet with faculty to discuss accommodations listed on the Faculty Accommodations Letter as needed
  • Attend all classes as required
  • Meet all the course syllabus requirements

OSWD does not absolve the student of responsibilities during the time it takes to assess eligibility and arrange accommodations and special services. The student cannot use a disability as an excuse for not fulfilling the obligations and requirements of the course syllabus.