Incomplete grades are arranged and approved by the faculty teaching a course. Incomplete grades are only given when a student is unable to fulfill required course work because of extenuating circumstances, which may include illness or be related to a student's disability. A student will not receive an incomplete for poor or failing work, or for willful non-attendance of class. Receiving an "INC" on a grade report allows the student to complete the course in the following semester; failing to complete the course will result in a final grade of "F".

When requesting an incomplete grade for a specific course for reasons related to the student's disability, the student may ask that the faculty member be sent an "Incomplete Letter of Support" from the student's OSWD counselor, who will verify that the request is disability related, without specifying particular reasons. This letter will remain on file with the Registrar for up to 6 months and then it will be destroyed when the "INC" is changed to a final grade; it will not be part of the student's permanent academic record. While OSWD can recommend that a faculty member grant an incomplete grade to a student based on the student's disability, the final decision is entirely up to the faculty member.

To request a letter in support of an incomplete, the student should meet with her or his OSWD counselor.