The OSWD Student Advisory Board (SAB) was established to address student concerns regarding accessibility on campus and give students more control over their efforts to affect change. The SAB advises OSWD and the campus community on accessibility issues that may require attention and action. It provides a safe space for students to express concerns about any accessibility issue they encounter on the Gallaudet campus.

Students who serve on the SAB will:

  • Be an OSWD registered student;
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA;
  • Maintain active involvement in OSWD (must have completed a Faculty Accommodations Letter, an OSWD Support Service Plan, and have had at least 3 contacts with OSWD in a semester); and
  • Be interested in advocating for the rights of disabled students on the Gallaudet campus.

Responsibilities of the student SAB member include:

  • Making a one year commitment to the SAB;
  • Attending all monthly SAB meetings;
  • Assisting with setting goals and action plans for the SAB;
  • Following up on action plans to achieve the SAB's goals;
  • Evaluating the progress of the SAB at the end of each semester; and
  • Setting future direction for the SAB.

Any Gallaudet student may make an accessibility request or raise an issue; the OSWD section of the Gallaudet website has forms for this purpose, or the student may contact OSWD. Any student who might like to serve on the SAB should contact OSWD to express an interest.