Assistive Technologies (Hardware & Software)

There is a variety of adaptive technologies, both hardware and software, available to students with disabilities. Some students may need to type their tests on a computer with or without special software. In some cases, students may use their own computer; in other cases, they may need to use a computer on campus.

  • Department-owned computers are managed by the respective departments, which are responsible for managing specialized hardware and software on those computers. Gallaudet Technology Services can assist departments with purchasing needed hardware and software.
  • Gallaudet Technology Services is responsible for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of computer hardware and software in University managed classrooms.
  • Two public computer labs are supported by Gallaudet Technology Services: the Harkin Lab located in JSAC 1100 and the Computer Lab located in HMB W121.
  • All other spaces where technology is used such as libraries and dormitories are managed by departments or services occupying that space.
  • Specifically, OSWD is responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining all adaptive technologies used within the OSWD department.

Assistive Furniture

If classroom tables, desks, and chairs are not accessible, a student may contact OSWD to arrange the use of adaptive furniture, such as raised or adjustable-height tables, or ergonomic or adaptive chairs, for use in the classroom. Loan of adaptive furniture is for the student's use only and can only be arranged for classes for which the student is actually registered. The student requesting the use of adaptive furniture will discuss needs with an OSWD counselor to find the best possible solution. The student will provide the necessary documentation to establish eligibility and, if the student drops the class the loan of the adaptive furniture will be discontinued.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)

Some students who are hard of hearing may require an assistive listening device. Each device is different. In most cases, unless there is an audio system in the room that has a built in ALD, the faculty member will be required to wear a small device with a microphone so that the student can hear. It will be important for the professor to repeat any comments from other members of the class.

OSWD students who are in need of assistive listening devices should discuss this request with their OSWD counselor. OSWD will work with the student and the academic dean to resolve accommodation requests.