4.8 Personal-Care Attendants

Some students may need a Personal Care Attendant (PCA), and this PCA may be an integral part of the student's university experience and safe participation in campus activities.
The student who wishes to use a PCA:

  • Must be registered with OSWD;
  • Be established with OSWD as a qualified person with a disability;
  • Must attest that a selected PCA is suitable for the student's needs and not a safety risk to students and employees on campus;
  • Is responsible for finding a suitable replacement for a primary or backup PCA when necessary;
  • Is responsible for all PCA-related decisions and all compliance with the employment and other laws applicable within the United States and the District of Columbia;
  • Will pay all PCA-related costs and expenses when due, and recognizes that these costs or expenses cannot be billed to a Student Account with the University;
  • Will assume full responsibility for a PCA's conduct and any resulting liability from his or her decisions, actions, errors, or omissions that harms someone else on campus;
  • Will ask questions and seek out additional information if a policy, rule, or other instruction is unclear, and will cooperate with any educational or disciplinary issue that arises during the student's academic program on campus;
  • Will keep an updated emergency plan with the Residential Life staff, including contact information for the primary PCA and all potential backup PCAs, family emergency contact information, a description of appropriate ways the housing staff can provide assistance, and permission to summon emergency assistance if a PCA is unavailable;
  • Is responsible for any charges incurred during an emergency situation;
  • Will immediately inform OSWD and/or Residential Life staff of any PCA-use related health or safety concerns;
  • Recognizes that a PCA's housing privileges are linked to the student's privileges and will expire within 24 hours of the student's departure from the dorm, and that PDA privileges can be suspended or revoked for gross misconduct, inability to perform services, or repeated violations of institutional policies and rules or conduct deemed to be criminal by local governmental authorities; and
  • Waives any and all claims against Gallaudet University and its employees or agents arising from actions, errors or omissions by any attending PCAs, or when the student is unattended by a PCA.
  • Gallaudet University:
  • Does not provide PCA services;
  • Does not assist with screening or selecting appropriate PCAs for particular students;
  • CAN allow access for a PCA to live in dorms or, when the PCA is from an agency, come and go on shifts;
  • Cannot provide for a student's daily needs if a PCA is unable to do so;
  • Cannot assume any financial responsibility for paying for PCA services, or for accepting money for paying for PCA services;
  • Requires comprehensive health insurance for full-time students, but is not responsible for purchasing or evaluating any personal health insurance policy for any particular student; and
  • Is not responsible for the theft, damage, or other loss to the student's or PCA's personal property.