OSWD students may encounter barriers, temporary or permanent, that limit their access to using classrooms, such as an automatic door not opening, a broken wheelchair lift, other architectural barriers, or poor-lighting concerns.

A student who experiences difficulties on campus with accessibility should either complete the "Accessibility Repair Request Form" (PDF), or contact directly any of the departments below for assistance.

Architectural Barriers

For challenges with architectural barriers, such as crosswalks that are not aligned with curb cuts, challenges with ramps, pathways, crosswalks, roadways, edges or crosswalk markings, doors that are too narrow for wheelchair access, or wheelchair lifts that are broken, email <facilities@gallaudet.edu> (Facilities Service Center) and send a Cc: to <patricia.tesar@gallaudet.edu> (OSWD director).

Accessing Buildings

For problems accessing buildings such as opening doors, or with push plate issues such as buttons on the doors that do not work, email <dps@gallaudet.edu> (Department of Safety and Security) and Cc: to <patricia.tesar@gallaudet.edu> (OSWD director).


For challenges accessing tables, chairs, or desks in a classroom, email the assigned OSWD counselor for assistance and Cc: to <patricia.tesar@gallaudet.edu>.

Housing Accessibility

For accessibility challenges in the residence hall environment, email <residence.life@gallaudet.edu>, with Cc: to <patricia.tesar@gallaudet.edu>.

OSWD will follow up on all student concerns, but we also encourage the student to meet with his or her OSWD counselor and follow up with the above departments with regard to accessibility requests. Gallaudet University is working diligently to increase accessibility for students with disabilities and welcome help from students on these issues.

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