The OSWD Student Advisory Board ("SAB") is a small body of OSWD students who address student concerns about accessibility on the Gallaudet campus. The SAB meets once per month to discuss issues related to accessibility, disability awareness, and potential violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.. The SAB serves in an advisory capacity, making recommendations to OSWD, and through them, to the campus community and leadership. Watch the video below to learn more.

OSWD staff select members based on an applicant's qualifications and evidence that the applicant is willing and able to comply with the principles and responsibilities of the SAB. A maximum of seven members constitute the SAB at any time, chosen to represent a cross-section of disabilities. 


  • Be a registered OSWD student during the current academic year;
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA; and
  • Demonstrate an interest in advocating for the rights of Gallaudet students with disabilities.

Principles and Responsibilities

  • The SAB will be a safe place to express concerns; therefore, members shall demonstrate respect for different backgrounds, opinions, abilities, and communication styles.
  • Members understand that the role of the SAB is to advise and influence, not to demand, disrupt, or undermine the University's mission.
  • Members shall actively work to set goals and action plans for the SAB and following up on those goals and plans.
  • Members agree to attend all scheduled meetings except for illness or exigent circumstances.
  • Members agree to serve on the SAB for a minimum of one academic semester.

Applying to be an SAB Member

Please fill out the online "OSWD Student Advisory Board (SAB) Application" and submit it for consideration.

Introduction to the SAB