Pre-Term Checklist

  • Starfish Syllabus Statement  

Communicate about Starfish to your students in your Syllabus.  Feel free to use this Starfish syllabus template:

This course is part of a student success system called Starfish.  Throughout the term, you may receive Starfish emails from your instructor regarding your course grades or academic performance.  Please pay attention to these emails and consider taking the recommended actions.  They are sent to help you be successful. If you receive an email from Starfish, please see your instructor to discuss your academic progress.  Your advisor may also ask to see you to discuss your progress and ensure that you are receiving the support you need in order to succeed in the course.

Make sure your Blackboard Grade Center is set up correctly for effective implementation of the automated "Course Grade Average Below 70%" Starfish flag.

Review your attendance policy.  In a meta-analysis of the research on class attendance, attendance has been found to be the number one factor influencing student success in a course and subsequent overall success in college (Crede, Roch, and Kieszczynka, 2010).  Make sure your attendance policy makes a connection to the value of engaged learning, which requires attendance and participation in class, as a key factor for success in your course.

Please note: Federal regulations require Faculty to report if a student is a no-show (week 1) or stops attending class (after week 1).

Click on the "Attendance Procedures" link to review processes for reporting.

To ensure accuracy in reporting, be sure you have attendance documentation processes in place.   If the Institution needs information about a student's attendance, you need to be able to provide specific dates.  Consider using the Starfish Attendance Tracker, an electronic attendance documentation tool, for recording and tracking attendance in your courses.  

Update your Starfish profile, office hours, and email notifications. Students have responded positively to seeing Faculty profiles in the Starfish Student Success network and to being able to schedule appointments through Starfish. 

 Check out the Retention and Student Success Resource FAQs page! Bookmark it and come back often for updates or any time you have questions.

You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.