Weeks 1 and 2 Checklist

My student never showed up for class the first week of classes.  What do I do?

"Students must attend the first week of classes to verify their enrollment. Students, who are registered for class and who fail to attend the first week of scheduled classes, may be dropped from the course by the instructor."
(Gallaudet University Academic Catalog, 2015-2016)

"Never Attended" Flag (Week One):  If a student does not attend the first week of class, the faculty member can submit a "Never Attended" flag through Starfish. This flag is shared with the Registrars Office and the student's Advisor. The Registrars Office will follow up with the students advisor to verify that the student is not present. This feature is available in Starfish to all instructors, including ELI, Graduate, Undergraduate, and Online instructors.  For instructions on how to submit a flag, please review "How to Submit a Starfish Flag".  

Roster Verification Survey (Week Two):  After add/drop period is over, during the second week of classes, all ELI, Graduate, and Undergraduate faculty will receive an email from the Registrars Office with a Roster Verification Survey asking faculty to verify that students have shown up for classes. Faculty are expected to review the roster and mark if a student is present or is not attending class and submit it to the Registrar by the end of the week.  For instructions on how to submit the Roster Verification Survey, please review the visual document guide "How to Submit a Starfish Progress Survey" or view the Two Minute Video (cc) "How to Submit a Starfish Progress Survey".  

My Roster is not showing in my Starfish Attendance Tracker!  Help!

Starfish provides an electronic attendance tracking tool for instructors to use to track student attendance.  

During the Summer of 2015, Starfish upgraded the Attendance Tracker to allow for multiple class meetings (i.e. class meets twice a day).  Therefore, the new attendance tracker requires the instructor to select a course time.  Check out this visual guide to learn about this new set-up: Starfish Attendance Tracker Visual Guide.

Also, by popular demand, Starfish upgraded the attendance tracker to allow students to see their record of attendance in Starfish.

Reminder:  When a student is marked for 3 or more unexcused absences in attendance tracker, he/she and the instructor will receive an automatic alert from Starfish notifying the student that they have missed 3 or more classes. The alert also reminds students of the relationship between class attendance and student success and refers students to review the course syllabus and meet with their instructor.

Why is my student getting a "Course Grade Average Below 70%" alert from Starfish? 

When a student course average falls below 70% in BlackBoard Grade Center, Starfish will generate an automatic message to alert the student.  

To ensure that Starfish is reading the correct column in BlackBoard Grade Center, faculty need to "set" the column they are using for the course grade average as the "external grade" column.

The default column "set as external grade" in BlackBoard is currently  the "Total" column.  If a faculty member is using a different column  than the "Total" column for the grade average, such as "weighted total", then they need to "set" this column as the "External Grade Column" to ensure Starfish reads the correct column for sending an alert.

For instructions on how to set up the course grade average column in BlackBoard Grade Center, click here: BlackBoard Grade Center: How to Set Course Grade Average Column as External Grade.  

You can also contact HELPDESK and request help for setting up the appropriate column in BlackBoard Grade Center for Starfish alerts. 

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