Week 5 and 6 Checklist

The Survey is over.  I am concerned about my student.  How do I raise a flag and share this concern?

If a faculty member needs to share a concern at any other time during the semester, he or she can submit a flag manually in Starfish.

For a visual guide to raising a manual flag in Starfish, click here:  Visual Guide to Raising a Flag in Starfish.

IMPORTANT: When you raise a flag, the student receives an email directly from you communicating that you are concerned about their performance in your class. Faculty have an opportunity to outline details of the specific concern or praise in the comments section of the flag. The message template also encourages the student to see you to discuss the concerns.  A copy of the message is sent to the student's Advisor and other key student success staff who are tracking the concern.  

What are the flags and kudos in Starfish?  To see list of the descriptions of the flags and kudos available to faculty, click here:  Starfish Flags and Kudos Descriptions

What do students see when they receive an email from Starfish? To see an example of the email template sent to students when you raise a flag or kudos, click here:  Starfish Email Templates to Student - Flags and Kudos

I would like to clear a flag.  How do I do this? Instructors and/or Faculty Advisors have permission to update or clear manually raised flags.  Automatic or system raised flags (attendance tracker or grade center flags) cannot be cleared.  To clear the flag or close the loop, click on this video tutorial for instructions:  Close the Loop in Starfish.  We recommend that flags ONLY be cleared if there is clear evidence of improvement from the student or if the flag was raised in error.  

You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.