Data Governance Committee

Updated July 2017


The purpose of the data governance committee at Gallaudet University is to develop and maintain data quality and integration standards through shared understanding and best-practices regarding data management, information systems, and processes across units and divisions.


Name Title/Role
Christina Shen-Austen                Human Resources                  
Beth Benedict   Undergrad Admissions
Lindsay Buchko   Co-chair, Office of Institutional Research
Tracy Berman-Kagan Finance Office
Jim King   Co-chair, GTS Enterprise info Systems
Susan King Graduate Admissions and Center for Continued Studies 
Shondra Dickerson-Mitchell Financial Aid
Elice Patterson Registrar's Office
Thelma Schroder Academic and Career Success
Helen Thumann Accreditation, Certification and Licensure
Thomas Horejes Ex-Officio, Associate Provost SSAQ  
 Earl Parks Ex-officio, GTS