Shared Governance: Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Updated July 2017


The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student organization representing all graduate students at Gallaudet University. Their purpose is to work for the well-being of a represent the interests of graduate students (e.g., promote academic excellence, provide a forum for the expression of opinion by graduate students, facilitate communications and joint activities among Graduate School departments, and to promote the graduate school culture).

This Committee has the following authority:

  • Manages organization’s budget, authorizes expenditures. Advises the faculty, deans, provost, president through participation on the Faculty Senate, University Budget Committee, and other standing and ad hoc committees.
  • Reports to Board of Trustees at 3 annual meetings.


Name Title / Role Group Represented
Hanna Ferm Media & Public Relations Graduate Students
Dominique Flagg President
Alexandra Gaston Chief Financial Officer
Scout Kilbourne Secretary
Julie Price Professional Development Chair
Karen Quinones Social Justice Chair
Jacob Salem
Vice President
Samantha Siedschlag
Social Chair