Chapel Window

Gallaudet University recognizes the importance of a diversity of religious faiths on the overall spiritual development and educational experience of students. The Office of Campus Ministries (OCM), a unit of Student Affairs, exists to serve and minister to the entire Gallaudet University community.

Campus Ministry offices are located in Ely Center, first floor, rooms 114 - 119. The chapel is in the Student Activities Center, lower level, room L001, near the student kitchen.

OCM chaplains and staff are appointed by their jurisdictional supervisors and are recognized by the University as religious workers to serve and minister on campus. They serve in various ways:

  • fostering the moral and spiritual development of members of the community
  • leading worship services for the respective faith communities
  • offering pastoral counseling, encouragement, and solace
  • explaining and giving instruction in the beliefs and practices of their faith to those who inquire
  • coordinate interfaith activities which foster social justice and diversity awareness