My faith is not represented in OCM. Why not?

Denominations and religious organizations which seek to serve the Gallaudet community must apply for permission from the Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services. These religious organizations, and the workers who represent them, must meet certain requirements in order to insure the integrity of the ministry and tranquility of the campus community. Some faiths which are amply represented in the student body may not have an OCM chaplain simply because established organizations representing those faiths have not offered to provide qualified workers to serve Gallaudet.

The University and OCM staff are sensitive to the spiritual concerns of every member of the campus community. Students who seek fellowship in their own faith may do so either by meeting together on campus as a student led organization, or by linking up with resources in the community off campus. OCM and the Office of Student Affairs and Academic Support, will attempt to assist students in meeting their spiritual needs.

Is the chapel available for private meditation? If so, when?

The Atrium Chapel (SAC L001) is always open. Whenever the chapel is not being used by OCM staff for scheduled group activities, students, faculty, and staff are welcome to come into the chapel for private meditation.

I want to start a Bible study group (or some other religious activity). What is the University policy about this?

The University encourages students who share common concerns, including religious concerns, to meet together for mutual support. Any group wanting to meet in classrooms, conference rooms, or public areas on campus, must go through regular channels to schedule their meeting space. Also, please let the Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services know about your activity, so the Associate Dean can respond appropriately to any questions which may arise.

Can my group use the chapel for a special event?

If you are part of the Gallaudet campus community and you would like to use the Atrium Chapel (SAC L001) for a special event, contact the Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services.

Are Gallaudet chaplains paid by the University?

No, OCM chaplains are each supported by their own religious organizations, not by the University. OCM chaplains serve as guests of the University.

I saw visitors on campus, aggressively promoting their religion. Does the University permit that?

If you see this kind of activity, please notify the Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services. Gallaudet is a private university which seeks to protect the rights and privacy of its students. The Office of Campus Ministries, working under the Office of Student Affairs and Academic Support, strives to address the spiritual needs of the campus community, free of intimidation. Any visitor who behaves in a way which disrupts the campus community will be instructed to leave.

Whom can I contact for more information about campus ministries, or to report a problem concerning campus ministries?

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