The Gallaudet Dance Company which was founded in 1955 is one of the most creative and challenging extracurricular activities available for our students. Moreover, the company is considered to be one of the most exciting groups presenting dance with American Sign Language. The dance company is designed for all students, including those with no prior dance experience and those with differing levels of formal dance training. Student-dancers have many opportunities to discover and develop personal talents and to expand their perceptions of self, community, and the world. 

Over 6 decades about 1,000 dancers have performed with the company.  The company has performed at the White House, Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Egypt’s National Theater of Cairo and on stages from Israel to Korea. The dancers come from diverse backgrounds, in terms of their upbringing, education, the preferred mode of communication, and college major, but the members bond over a shared love and passion for dance.  

For questions, please contact Sue Gill-Doleac, director of Gallaudet Dance Company at or call (202) 651-5501 V/TDD. Thank you for your gift.