Global Internship Program

The Global Internship Program gives Gallaudet undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to gain practical experiences while broadening their perspectives by being exposed to other cultures. Through the program, students engage in international internships, where they work with deaf, hard of hearing, and/or hearing populations for various periods of time (up to one semester). In the past, students have had the opportunity to serve internships in countries such as Austria, China, Costa Rica, Greece, India, Kenya, and the Philippines.

To apply for an internship abroad, set up an advising appointment.

Examples of past internships:

Working in Mozambique

Jeni Jackerson with a big smile on her face

Jeni Jackerson
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Fremont, Calif.

What I did: Six weeks in Mozambique developing lesson plans in English, arts and crafts, and physical education for a missionary couple who held classes for deaf students. Also gave teachers feedback on their work. Traveled five more weeks in Africa with my brother, Justin.

Notable Moments: World's tallest bungee jump at Victoria Falls in South Africa, sand dunes of Namibia, safari trip in Swaziland.

Teaching in Nigeria

Travis Clevenger, smiling outside

Travis Clevenger
Major: Psychology and Communication Studies
Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.

What I did: A month in Nigeria teaching English and math to deaf students at a village school. Also visited chiefs of local villages to build support for a school for deaf students.

Notable Moments: Sharing a natural spring with 30 baboons, and watching Nigerians balance a house on the back of their bikes.

Mentoring in India

Michelle Sherbondy

Michelle Sherbondy
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Casa Grande, Ariz.

What I did: Taught web design and mentored impoverished deaf students at the Uddami Center in Kolkata, India.

Sharing Expertise in Thailand and Nepal

Ali Sanjabi, smiling

Ali Sanjabi
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Tehran, Iran

What I did: Spent seven weeks in Bangkok, Thailand teaching business administration to high school students at the Sethsation School for the Deaf, then one week in Nepal sightseeing and discussing business strategies with deaf residents. I own a business in Tehran and enjoy sharing my knowledge.

Presenting in Costa Rica

Malinda Tran smiling off to the side

Malinda Tran
Major: Family and Consumer Studies
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

What I did: Conducted workshops on communication and relationship skills for parents of deaf children at the Centro de Education Especial in Costa Rica.