Do you want to learn about Italian culture through hands-on experience? Does Italian Sign Language interest you? The Siena School for Liberal Arts is offering study abroad opportunities in 2017 for current Gallaudet University students. Travel dates and further information are available below:


Deaf Studies

  • Summer Study Abroad for Signers (June 17 th - July 8 th)
  • Summer Professionals & Graduate Students Program (June 17 th - July 1 st)
  • Summer Two or Three Weeks Independent Research Project (June 17 th - July 1 st or June 17 th - July 8 th)
  • Summer Two or Three Weeks Service Learning Project (June 17 th - July 1 st or June 17 th - July 8 th)

Application Deadline:  March 15

Further information regarding programs, special course offerings*, program pricing, online application link, and other helpful facts are available on the Siena website, cs/Deaf-Studies/

The Siena School for Liberal Arts, located in Tuscany, Italy, offers unique study abroad programs for university students and adult professionals. Since 2005, the Deaf Studies Department has ambitiously worked with Italian and American Deaf and signing communities in providing exciting opportunities for students and professionals alike. Programs allow American Sign Language (ASL) users access to transnational Deaf and signing communities through learning Italian Sign Language (LIS) and the history of Italian Deaf culture. 

Students may register for a study abroad program through the Consortium Programs Site,, or directly from the Siena School, depending on whether you are interested in earning resident credit or transfer credit. Please be sure to consult with your academic advisor to determine which of these options will benefit you most.