IR advances Gallaudet’s standing as the key source for improving life for a full spectrum of global Deaf identities in the following ways:  

  • Teaming with University constituents to assess worldwide opportunities and facilitate mutually beneficial cooperative agreements with foreign entities, using a cross-campus committee called  G.O.A.L. (lobal pportunity ssessing eague) 
  • Serving as a “global knowledge hub” by hosting campus dialogue on issues of importance, and maintaining a Global Knowledge Base with in-depth information about nations of interest.
  • Hosting select “strategic international visitors” who meet Gallaudet's goals in at least one of three areas: expanding international enrollment, enhancing academic and intercultural exchange, or representing current or potential strategic international relations.
  • Managing the Gallaudet-Nippon Foundation World Deaf Leadership Scholarship. 
  • Implementing strategic planning and policy development that enhances internationalization, such as global recruiting and curricular enrichment.
  • Gallaudet in Nigeria Africa (GAIN) is a groundbreaking program in partnership with Wesley University, an accredited Nigerian Tertiary Education Institute, and the Nigerian National Association of the Deaf, that promotes institutional and national academic cooperation in Africa, with the objective of direct multilingual tertiary education to Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing communities, positioning them to reach their full potential, open career pathways, and thrive as their countries' citizens.