Gallaudet has Memorandums of Understanding, or cooperative agreements with the following institutions:

  • Wesley University & the Nigerian National Association of the Deaf (NNAD), Nigeria, a cooperative agreement that continues the legacy of the late Dr. Isaac Agboola to connect Gallaudet to the Nigerian deaf community and other countries in Africa through education and employment opportunities.
  • Siena School of Liberal Arts, Italy, to offer Gallaudet students an opportunity to study abroad.
  • National Tsukuba University of Technology (NTUT), Japan, to offer Gallaudet students an opportunity to study abroad and to exchange scientific activities, publications, and information.
  • Nippon Foundation - Offers scholarships to students from developing countries.
  • Japan College of Social Work (JCSW) - Creates a collaborative online international learning course and invites JCSW students to study at Gallaudet.
  • World Federation of the Deaf - Gallaudet will connect the international government visitors it receives to WFD member associations, and WFD will offer learning opportunities to Gallaudet students.