NOTE: Both the International Travel Justification Form** and the Travel Advance/Reimbursement Form (Office of Finance) are REQUIRED of all members of the campus community on approved international travel. Please click here for these and other forms and documents related to traveling internationally.


The Office of International Affairs (IA) supports Gallaudet University's objective to offer opportunities for members of the Gallaudet community to apply their knowledge and learning on an international scale by facilitating the travel process to countries outside the U.S.

International travel* supports Gallaudet's strategic goals related to increasing enrollment, expanding and diversifying funding partnerships, and making Gallaudet the epicenter of research, development, and outreach. Study, research, and internships abroad allow students to enhance their higher education experience while learning about the world's cultures. They are allowed to earn credits by conducting a portion of their studies in another country after successfully completing required courses and training at the Gallaudet campus.

Faculty, teachers, and staff, too, engage in research and other professional development activities outside the U.S. The data that is collected when they fill out an International Travel Justification form** (required by the University's Academic Affairs unit), which documents how the proposed program of international travel fulfills the aforementioned goals, and provides data for Gallaudet to continue building its international network of resources is used to help Gallaudet build its international network of resources.

Please read carefully the following travel guidelines required of members of the Gallaudet campus community who participate in international activities and/or programs approved by the University.

* Travel to a country on the U.S. Department of State's Travel Warning List or countries with which the United States does not have positive diplomatic relations is in general prohibited unless granted a waiver that is approved by the Provost. University faculty and administrators can see details of the waiver process under, Depts & Services: International Affairs: International Policy Manual, or contact


According to Gallaudet University's Administration and Operations Manual (Section 2.05 Travel) , the University reimburses faculty, teachers, students, and staff for travel expenses incurred while on official University business—within or outside the U.S.—as long as the expenses are:

  1. consistent with the institution's overall mission;
  2. within budgetary limitations and approved by the responsible Budget Unit Head;
  3. cost effective;
  4. reasonable; and
  5. in compliance with the Travel and Entertainment Guidelines that can be found in Section 2.05 of the Administration and Operations Manual

It is important for potential travelers to note that financial commitment toward travel should not be made until funding is confirmed in writing by the Dean/Vice President and both the Travel Advance/Reimbursement Form and International Travel Plan are signed by the Provost and the President. In addition, international travel requests should be submitted at least two months in advance to allow sufficient time for processing and to qualify travelers for the lowest passenger airfare.


  1. Travel requests must be submitted through the Budget Unit Head (BUH). A completed Travel Advance/Reimbursement Form and International Travel Justification Form must be signed by the traveler and the BUH to facilitate the timely processing of the travel request, if it is approved for funding.
  2. The Dean/Vice President of the prospective traveler's unit will review travel requests as they are received. Depending on resources available, the Dean/Vice President will confirm in writing the decision to support or not support the travel request.
  3. If the request is approved, it will be documented and date stamped by the Dean/Vice President and hand delivered to the Provost's Office for review and approval.

Once the travel plans and funding are approved by the University, travelers are advised to register with the Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) prior to their trip and to read the general international travel information at the U.S. Department of State's website.

If there are any questions, please email IA or call (202) 651-5150.