Belgian Federation of Flemish Deaf Organisation
& Federation Francophone des Sourds du Belgique
Flemish contact information:
Stropkaai 38
9000 Gent

Phone: +32 9 224 46 76 (Voice)
Fax: +32 9 329 07 47  
French contact information:
Rue Van Eyck, 11A/ 4, 1050 Bruxelles
Phone: +32 2 644 69 01 (Voice)
Fax: +32 2 644 69 01  
Description:Both its Flemish website and its French website has links to more deaf-related resources in Belgium and internationally. Consult the list of associations; the list of Flemish links; and the list of French links.


Centre Comprendre et Parler
Rue de la Rive, 101
Bruxelles 1200

Phone:  (32) 2-770-04-40
Fax: (32) 2-772-62-88  
Description:Centre Comprendre et Parler provides resources for cued speech (Langage Parle complete [LPC]) in Belgium.

Ecole et Surdite / School and Deafness - Communauté Scolaire Sainte Marie Namur
R. du président, 26
5000 Namur Belgium
Phone: +32 81 22 92 04
+ 32 81 22 79 49
Description: Bilingualism school. Hearing and deaf / signing teacher


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