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Deaf Organizations in Cyprus

Cyprus Deaf Cultural Centre, C.D.C.C.
9, Ay. Kendea St.,
2055 Nicosia, Cyprus

Voice: 357 2 389997
[info confirmed w/ third party]


Cyprus Federation DEAF

Τ.Θ. 21725, 1512
Λευκώσια, Κύπρος,
PO 21 725, 1512
Nicosia, Cyprus

Τηλ/Φαξ Tel / Fax: 22464197

Παγκύπρια Οργάνωση Κωφών
Cyprus Organization for the Deaf

Λεωφ. 28 Οκτωβρίου 43
2414 Έγκωμη Λευκωσία
Avenue October 28, 1943
2414 Engomi Nicosia

Τηλ/Φαξ Tel/Fax: 22356767
[info confirmed w/ third party]

Pancyprian Organisation of the Deaf
P.O BOX 1014, Nicosia, Cyprus
Voice: 357 2 356767
[info confirmed w/ third party]


Deaf Schools in Cyprus

Κύπρος Σχολή Κωφών
Cyprus School for the Deaf

Μακεδονιτίσσης 21, 2417 Έγκωμη
Makedonitissis 21, 2417 Engomi
ταχυδρομική διεύθυνση:
Τ.Θ. 24738, 1303 Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
Mailing address:
PO Box 24738, 1303 Lefkosia, Cyprus

Τηλ Tel: 357 22 305 422/5
Φαξ Fax: 357 22 305 423

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Deaf Clubs in Cyprus

Ομιλος Κωφών Λεμεσού
Deaf Club of Limassol

Μέτωνος 2 3080 Λεμεσός
METON 2 3080 Limassol

Τηλ/Φαξ Tel/Fax: 25388091
[info confirmed w/ third party]

Ομιλος Κωφών Λάρνακας
Deaf Club of Larnaca

Αντιόπης 10 Λάμπρος Κωρτ Κατ. 3
6053 Λάρνακα
10 Antiope Lambros Kort Cat 3
6053 Larnaca

Τηλ/Φαξ Tel/Fax: 24633082
[info confirmed w/ third party]


Deaf Sports Organizations in Cyprus

Cyprus Deaf Sports Federation
P.O. Box 27880
2406 Nicosia

Tel: 22803125
Fax: 22658044


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