Deaf Organizations in Ghana
Deaf Schools in Ghana

Deaf Organizations in Ghana

Ghana National Association of the Deaf
P.O. Box 7908
Accra North
Phone/fax: +233 21 680 100
Cell Phone: +233 (0) 243 548 339 (Text Message only)  
Description:An active and productive deaf community with access to education and information and steady economic activities that can sustain and maintain quality security of life. GNAD's mission to accomplish its vision is to mobilize members, remove communication barriers, create awareness on deaf issues, and advocate equal opportunities for the deaf.
[info confirmed w/org]

Ashanti Regional Association of the Deaf
Doris Birago, Regional President
P.O. Box KJ 134,
SMS: 0242345967 / 0206613241 (Txt Msg)  
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Brong Ahafo Regional Association of the Deaf
Tony Yeboah, Regional President
P.O. Box 1927
SMS: 02541567408 (Txt Msg)
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Central Regional Association of the Deaf
Daniel Oti Panin, Regional President (Acting)
P.O. Box 1307, Cape Coast
Phone: 0246752776
SMS: 0242817831 (Txt Msg)  
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Eastern Regional Association of the Deaf
Benjamin Bekoe, Regional President
P.O. Box 1042
Phone: 0246314398  
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Greater Accra Regional Association of the Deaf
Charles Darko, Regional President
P.O. Box Lt 118
Latebiokoshie, Accra.
Phone: 021 680100
SMS: 0242 027100 (Txt Msg)
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Northern Regional Association of the Deaf
Alimatu Sadiya Mahama, Regional President
P.O. Box 1576
Phone: 071 24040
SMS: 0246974375 (Txt Msg)
Voice: 0244577189  
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Upper East Regional Association Of The Deaf
Matthew Kubachua
Regional President
P.O. Box 445
Phone: 072 23570
SMS: 0245985663 (Txt Msg)  
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Upper West Regional Association Of The Deaf
Andrews Chapaalo Zoyaari, Regional President
P.O. Box 109,
SMS: 0272621107 (Txt Msg)
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Volta Regional Association of the Deaf
Maxwell Kofi Dzadey, Regional President
P.O. Box Ma 163, Ho
SMS: 0242005193 (Txt Msg)
Phone: 091 25326  
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

Western Regional Association of the Deaf
Joseph Ewusi-Ntenah, Regional President
P.O. Box MC 778, Takoradi
SMS: 0207596544 (Txt Msg)
SMS: 0243450939 (Txt Msg)

Deaf Schools in Ghana

Deaf Kids Nursery (DKN)
PO Box LT 605
Telephone: (233) 21 271 032
Fax: (233) 21 676 789  
Description:DKN empowers disadvantaged and deaf children though education and literacy; teaches basic sign language; provides awareness about people who are deaf; and teach children the importance of health related issues.
[info confirmed w/GNAD]

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