The Association of the Deaf in Israel
13 Yad Lebanim Blvd
P.O.B. 9001
Tel Aviv 61090

Voice: +972 3 730 3355
Fax: +972 3 739 6419  
Description:Promotes social clubs and social services throughout Israel, including sign language classes. Promotes human rights for deaf people. Consult its website for more branch associations and deaf organizations in Israel and for more useful links for deaf people in Israel.
[info confirmed w/website]

17, Tchernihowsky st. Tel-Aviv, Israel
Tel: 972-3-5257001
Fax: 972-3-5257004 
Description:Association for hard of hearing people in Israel. Provides an information hotline; advocates for legislation, accessibility, and public awareness.

The Ali Hope Foundation
PO Box 32196
Jerusalem, 91000
Fax: +972 8 9152637
SMS: + 972 54 567 4685  
Description:To improve the independence and well-being of Deaf and Deaf-blind Israelis through the provision of specially-trained hearing dogs.
[info confirmed w/website]

The Institute for the Advancement of Deaf Persons in Israel
Dr. Tshama Street 7 (at Bet Sefer Ironi Tet)
Tel Aviv 67329, Israel

SMS/Text Msg: +972-54-590-9441
Voice: +972-3-631-1595
Fax: +972-3-6316891  (Hebrew) (English)
Description: Initiates, develops and implements programs for the empowerment and independence of the deaf and hard of hearing community in Israel. Provides professional, educational and rehabilitation services and programs for deaf and hard of hearing children, youth and adults in Israel.
[info confirmed w/org]

Beit Hellen Keller
S'derot Yad L'banim 13
Yad Eliyahu
POB 9259
Tel Aviv 61092, Israel

Phone: 03-6316361
Fax: 03-6316419 (English)
Description:Serves an estimated 1200 deafblind Israelis. Provides comprehensive social, educational and rehabilitation services, specially-designed leisure and social programming, advocacy for the rights of deafblind Israelis, and liaison assistance for deafblind people with social services and government agencies. Includes a deafblind theater group.
[info confirmed w/org website and third party]

Sign Language Research Lab
Rabin Building
The University of Haifa
31905 Haifa Israel
Phone: +972-4-824-9395
Description:The research lab conducts linguistic research on the phonology, morphology, syntax, and prosody of Israeli Sign Language,
Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language, and other sign languages of Israel. The Lab also promotes community oriented events and workshops on topics of general interest, such as story telling in sign language.
[info confirmed w/org Nov 09]


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