Deaf Organizations in Lebanon
Parents' Organizations in Lebanon
Cross-Disability Organizations in Lebanon
Deaf and Cross-Disability Schools in Lebanon

Deaf Organizations in Lebanon

Assocíation de L'Oeuvre des Sourds-Muets au Liban
Mazraa - Rue Maarri
Jmm Jannoun
Voice:  +961 01 656517  +961 01 656517

Parents' Organizations in Lebanon

Parents Association of Hard of Hearing in Lebanon
Mrs. Roudayna Accad, President
Ballouneh Public garden street Akiki bld 4th fl.
Mobile: 03 292926
Fax: 09 234 839  
[info confirmed w/org/]

Cross-Disability Organizations in Lebanon

Association for Handicapped Welfare
Mrs. Nada Ismail
Nabatieh, South of Lebanon, Al-Kantil Str.
Phone/Fax: 07-762852

Islamic Women Association
Inaam Aloush
Tripoli, Al-Ajam str.
Phone: 06-210767,

Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped
Beirut Center - Head Office
Zoukak al Blat-Batrakieh st. - al Arij bldg. - 1st & 2nd floor
P.O.Box: 14-5011 Mazraa- Beirut: 1105-2010 Lebanon

Phone: 961-1-374100/1/2
Fax: 961-1- 374033
Nabih Berri Rehabilitation Compound (NBRC)
Sarafand-South Lebanon

Phone: 07/441010,

Fax: 07/441030

Baalbeck Center - Bekaa
Phone: 08/371512
Description:Provides medical and rehabilitation services to people with disabilities and promotes their rights. Includes speech and hearing therapy and audiology services.
[info confirmed w/org website]

The Social Welfare Institutions - Dar Al Aytam Al Islamiya
Social Welfare Institutions - Dar Al Aytam Al Islamiya
PO Box: 11-7432 Riad El Solh -11072240
Beirut, Lebanon
Main Branch: Tarik Al-Jadida - Near Makassed Hospital

Phone: 961 0 654654
Fax: 961 1 647445

Head Quarters - Al Zaher:
Cross Roads of Al- Zarif and Zokak Elblat streets, near Ayoub Station
Phone: 961 1 371960
961 1 364091  
Description:Provides services to disadvantaged members of society, including deaf people and people with disabilities. Has more than 27 locations in Lebanon, each with a different specialization.
[info confirmed w/org website]

Deaf and Cross-Disability Schools in Lebanon

Al Kafaat Foundation
Mr. Raif Showeiry
Hadath, Notre Dame Building, Near Mraijeh
PO Box 47, Hadath, Lebanon
Phone:  +961 1 879 301  +961 1 879 301 (302/303)
Fax: 961 1 879 307
05-463390 / 05461260
[info confirmed w/org website]

Al Mabarrat Association
Mr. Abdallah Zein
Airport Road, Bouj Brajeh, Beirut

PO Box 25-305
Phone: 00961-1-833-848 / 00961-1-833-849 / 00961-3-210-316

Fax: 00961-1-822-221
[info confirmed w/org website]

Association Jour de l'esperance
Ms. Fadia Abou Dib
Zahleh, Dehour Zahleh, Bekaa Valley
Phone: 08-502685,

Father Roberts School for the Deaf
Sr. Andre Nasser
Sehaile, Keserwan, Main Road
155 Street, Shailé
Kesrouan, Lebanon

Phone: 961-9-223590,
961-9-233 543

Fax: 961-9-233 542
Description: Provides early education (age 0 to 3) and pre-high school academic and technical education
[info confirmed w/org website]

The Fr. Andeweg Institute for the Deaf
Mr. George Fernaine
Loueizeh-Baabda, Damascus Road
PO Box 11-4623, Riad el Solh
Beirut 1107 2170 - Lebanon

Phone: 961-5-920735,
Description:Provides education and resources for deaf and hard of hearing people, their families, and educational partners in Lebanon and beyond. Emphasizes learning to speak and understanding the speech of others.
[info confirmed w/website]

Friends in Need Association
Mrs. Katia Awad (contact person)
Tripoli, Boulevard Str. Hamzeh Building
Phone: 06-432255,
Description: Works primarily with people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Institutions for Social Welfare - Al-Bayan for the Deaf (Al-Doha Compound)
Mr. Mohammad Barakat
Shouaifat Hill, Aaramoun Road
Phone: 05-803564 / 01-656202
Fax: 05-803563

The Learning Center for the Deaf
Dr. Hussein Ismail, Director
Beirut - Lebanon
P.O. Box 40-211, Baabda, Lebanon
Pho ne/ Fax +961-5-954 584 

Mobile: +961-3-700 584  
Description:Promotes and facilitates the empowerment of deaf men and women through education throughout Lebanon. It's primary emphasis is on the education needs of children, their families, and young adults.
[info confirmed w/org]

Lebanese Inst. for the Handicapped
Khalid Al Tafile
Sarafand, Nabih Berri Compound
Phone: 07-441515,

Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf
Mrs Wadad Lahoud
The Lebanese Society for the Blind and the Deaf
PO Box 40-021
Phone: (961) 5-920-601
(961) 5-920-024
Fax: (961) 5-924-118  
Description:Educates children who are blind and deaf. Has a mainstreaming program, in which students attend school with hearing and sighted peers during the day then return to the Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf in the evening for coaching and support.
[info confirmed w/LCD & 3rd party website]

Orphanage Welfare Association
Mr. Said Mekawi
Saida, Al-Barghout Str. Ain Helweh, Behind Government Bldg.
Phone: 07-720788,

Patriach Sfeir Center for Deaf children
Phone: 08-802123

School for Education and Re-education for the Deaf (IRAP)
Ms. Janine Safa
Ain Aar, North Metn, Main Road
Phone: 04-925025,


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