Deaf Organizations in Madagascar
Interpreter and Sign Language Organizations in Madagascar
Deaf Schools in Madagascar

Deaf Organizations in Madagascar

Association of the Deaf in Manakara
Javel Lydia Anna
Lot 2g 162 Maroalakely
316 Manakara

Association of the Deaf in Ste Marie
Betkou Bartho E.
515 Sainte Marie

Federation of the Deaf in Madagascar (FMM)
Lot 1053, cité 67 Ha Nord-Quest
BP 13030
Antananarivo 101
TTY: +261 24 241 54
Description:Promotes deaf rights via projects to encourage regional associations; to develop a sign language dictionary; teach sign language; train sign language interpreters; train leaders; and train educators of deaf people.
[info confirmed w/org]

FIMABE: Deaf club in Belo/Tsiribihina
Andry Vestorel
Secretaire Tresorier Au College Lutherien, Avaradrova,
608 Belo-Tsiribihina

FIMAMA: Association of the Deaf in Mahajanga
Ranoarivony Liane
Lot 13 C La Carrière, Mangarivotra, 401 Mahajanga

FIMAMO: Association of the Deaf in Morondava
Rakotonirina Gilbert
C/O Mr Mohamed Abas
Bp 30 Tsimahavaokely
619- Morondava

FIMASA: Association of the Deaf in Antsiranana
Rasoarivelo Charlotte
Lot 3.112.08, Lycée Privé Fivoarana, Tanambao Tsena, 201 Antsiranana

FIMASATO: Association of the Deaf in Toliara
Ralisiarinoro Njaka
Lot 167-Ddi,
Tanambao Morafeno
601 Toliary

FIMATO: Association of the Deaf in Toamasina
Lot 05 - D -CN 4 Parcelle 12/12, Tanamakoa,
501 Toamasina

FMA: Association of the Deaf in Antalaha
Fety Voninera Louisette
Lot Zk F 80 Secteur Nr 04, Ankoalabe, 206 Antalaha

FMF: Deaf club in Farafangana
Andriamaheny Paul
Po Box 309, Mahafasa Andrefana,
309 Farafangana

FMSA: Association of the Deaf in Antananarivo
Razafimalala Vololonirina
Aka.Ma. 67 Ha Centre,
101 Antananarivo

FMSV: Association of the Deaf in Antsirabe
Lot 304 C - C - 447, Antsongo Sud, 110 Antsirabe

SAHY: Association of the Deaf in Fianarantsoa
SF Lot 95IG/3204, Ambalavao Igagà, 301 Fianarantsoa

Interpreter and Sign Language Organizations in Madagascar

Interpreter organization (dictionaries)
Rivo Andriamampianina

Sign Language Doc (books)
Henintsoa Rinjaka

Deaf Schools in Madagascar

Jules Andriamampianina

Jeannette Raeliarisoa

Lucie Rabenantoanina
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Armand Randrianatoandro


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