Deaf Organizations in Mexico
Deaf Schools in Mexico

Deaf Organizations in Mexico


Federación Mexicana de Sordos (FEMESOR)
Presa Azucar No. 95-402
Col. Irrigacion
Mexico, D.F. C.P. 11000
Voice:  +52 55 5557 7606  +52 55 5557 7606 
Fax: +52 55 5373 4562
Mobile:  +52 55 2848 3960  +52 55 2848 3960

Unión Nacional de Sordos de México (UNSM) (Reaches President) (Reaches Vice President) (Reaches Secretary General)
Description: Advocates for human rights for deaf people in Mexico. Website has links to state-level associations of deaf people in Mexico and elsewhere at its links page, affiliated associations page, and its directory of state associations. Also has information about sign language interpreters in Mexico.

Asociacin Tijuana en Apoyo al Sordo
Calle Ramon Lopez Velarde 5608 C.
Colonia Montebello
Phone: (66) 813248
Fax: (66) 815528
Description: APSOR advocates habilitation and knowledge that permits the deaf community to better interact with society. Offers training in literacy and Mexican Sign Language; early intervention programs; and training for parents and interpreters.

Deaf Schools in Mexico

Jos David Institute, AC
Phone:  (52) 614 411 9737  (52) 614 411 9737
Fax: (52) 614 411-0792  
Description:Runs a school for children who are deaf or autistic; uses the oral education approach. The Institute also trains therapists.


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